Omani teenager’s answer to plastic pollution

A new type of bioplastic developed by Omani teenager, Neeam Al Harrasi, promises to support the battle against single-use plastics and help reduce plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and waterways.

Neeam Al Harrasi developped bioplastics in the science lab of Al Rustaq School in Mjscat (2020). (Photo: Courtesy of T. Dhikra Al Harrasi)

Neeam Al Harrasi is actively engaged in saving oceans from plastic pollution and is working to offer an affordable alternative to single-use plastics.

Her prize-winning new bio-plastic emerged from a school project to develop a biodegradable plastic that matches the quality of industrial plastics. Neeam’s bioplastic, for which she has filed a patent application, is made from a range of readily available local materials, including rice water and fish scales.

Neeam is WIPO’s first IP Youth Ambassador for Oman, and for the Arab Region. She is committed to promoting IP education among young people through WIPO Academy’s Intellectual Property for Youth and Teachers (IP4Youth&Teachers) service.

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