(Photo: © Courtesy of Bonomo & Giglio)

A geographical indication (GI) protection revives caper production on Pantelleria

Gabriele Lasagni, CEO of Bonomi & Giglio, a leading producer of capers on the island of Pantelleria in Italy explains how GI protection has supported caper production on the island and enabled his company to thrive as well as his plans for the future.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Carlos Enrique Pedreros Balta)

Meet WIPO’s first IP Youth Ambassador: Santiago Mena López

The young author talks about his novel and shares his views about the importance of IP to creators and the need to raise IP awareness among young people.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Björn Ulvaeus)

ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus puts artists’ interests center stage

Bjorn Ulvaeus outlines his ambitions as CISAC President and shares his vision of the role that technology will play in placing creators at the heart of a transformed music industry ecosystem.

(Photo: © KEYSTONE/dpa/Alexander Heinl)

Genetic Scissors: at the Cutting-Edge of Life

The gene-editing tool, CRISPR-Cas9, is one of the most important scientific developments so far this century. In October 2020, the two scientists responsible for developing it, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. What is the transformative potential of CRISPR technology and what issues is it raising?

(Photo: © Courtesy of XYZ Reality)

XYZ Reality Brings Precision and Technology to Construction Sites

“Could IP be the missing puzzle piece in helping your business secure equity funding? XYZ Reality certainly thinks so.”

XYZ Reality secures equity funding with IP.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Guangzhou EHang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.)

EHang: The Sky’s the Limit

“Why is IP the key to survival and development for SMEs? Discover eHang’s case study now.”

Chinese high-tech company Ehang reaches new heights with IP.


Bringing Arabian Heritage to the International Market

"Building a brand requires the trust of our consumers. Specifically in design, it is crucial to be a leading supplier with a unique product. Obtaining IP rights was therefore a vital step towards building our brand and defending it against infringement."
- Mohamed Al Asfoor, Founder & CEO, Designer Shaik, Inc.


Re-thinking Herbal Supplements

“After acquiring IP rights, we have continued to expand our Intellectual Property Strategy by filing for more trademarks registrations. These IP assets will enable Medika Natura to carry out commercialization activities such as licensing and marketing, both locally and internationally.”
- Abdul Razak Mohd Isa, CEO & Co-Founder of Medika Natura


Rethinking Wind Energy

“Intellectual property is a fundamental part of our project. So far, we have developed six families of patents to cover our technologies. Our patents bind the true value of all we have made.”
- David J. Yáñez, co-founder, Vortex Bladeless


IMBERLITA: Creating Value from Artisanal Handicrafts through Branding

“[IMBERLITA] has allowed the artisans of the area to participate in a collective process that gives value to their work. Without the collective mark, this would not have been possible as most artisans lack the capital and expertise to create brands or launch promotional activities.”
- Pablo Garcia, President of The Association of Petrified Wood Artisans (ASOARTEP)

(Photo: © Courtesy of Energysquare)

Energysquare makes wireless recharging a reality

“In specific markets, IP is the only way to compete with tech giants with much greater marketing and commercial strength.”
- Timothée Le Quesne, CEO of Energysquare

(Photo: © Courtesy of Global Health Biotech)

Bridging the gap between science and business

“From the outset, it was clear that intellectual property (IP) would be central to Global Health Biotech's future. IP is also central to the company's marketing strategy; our registered trademark enables us to build brand recognition and expand our customer base.”
- Professor Keolebogile Shirley Motaung, Global Health Biotech

(Photo: © Courtesy of CDK)

CDK: driving sustainable fashion in Bhutan

“During the pandemic, we launched our hand-woven raw-silk tego (national dress), one of our original designs. Now you can see copies of it everywhere. It’s really disheartening, because this sort of activity discourages creative people from coming up with new ideas.”
- Chandrika Tamang, founder of CDK


When Ideas Percolate

“Having a registered trademark helped our coffee rise from its humble beginnings in a small town in the Philippines to now having global recognition. IP can really benefit even the small businesses!”
Judith Saguinhon, co-founder of JRED Food Processing

(Photo: © Courtesy of MAMORIO, Inc.)

What Once Was Lost Is Now Found

“Technology is an important pillar for start-ups. When looking to develop new technologies or initiatives with business partners, intellectual property can help facilitate negotiations and other activities that utilize a company's technological strengths.”
- Masuki Daiki, CEO of MAMORIO, Inc.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Jay Premack/USPTO)

Windpact: Patented Impact Protection Technology

“The reason why we've probably had a lot of success is because the intellectual property that's around that technology is unique and proprietary to us and it gives us a competitive advantage so when we're talking with our clients [they] understand that not only is it a great technology and it performs well but it is protected as well.”
- Shawn Springs, CEO and Founder of Windpact

(Photo: © Courtesy of Qingdao Aibo Detection Technology Co., Ltd.)

Technology and Innovation Support Center Helps Aibo find Its Feet

“After attending several courses provided by our local IP office, I knew patents could help my product stand out from those of competitors who were pushing similar products.”
- Zhibo Yao, Founder of Aibo Detection Technology Co., Ltd.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Patience Nwodu)

The Icing on the Cake: A Smart Solution for Food Transportation

Business Change and Project Manager and avid foodie – launched Chíbu Reusable Carriers in February 2019. Designed by Ms. Nwodu, Chíbu® is ideal for bakers (professional or otherwise), pastry chefs, cake designers and picnic lovers alike looking to safely transport goods such as cakes, cupcakes, desserts and wine.

(Photo: © Courtesy of LAM Leather Bags)

LAM Leather Bags: Embracing Tradition

LAM Leather Bags (LAM) is a Bahraini Fashion brand directed towards the luxury goods market. Established in 2018 by designer Lulwa AbdulRahman ALMannai, the company specializes in high-quality bags, handbags, purses, suitcases and other accessories handmade from vegetable-tanned leather.

(Photo: © Courtesy of Rocksteady Mountain Resort, Ltd.)

Rocksteady Coffee and the Journey Growing Some of the World's Finest Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most appreciated beverages, with over 2.25 billion cups consumed every day. Rocksteady Mountain Resort Ltd., is based out of the Blue Mountain Coffee region in Jamaica.