You Can Relax While All Your Valuables Are Safely Stored In Completely Secure Facilities

Self-storage is a short version of self service storage. It is also known as warehouse mini storage at Wong Chuk Hang. These facilities rent or lease space for people to store household items. Sometimes, however, the facility is rented out to smaller businesses. You will either be called a small business owner or an individual tenant. The spaces in which you store your material will also be known as rooms, lockers or units. Once your items are inside the locker, it is up to you whether or not you keep the key and lock.

What is the difference between self-storage units and warehouses?

The average warehouse is a large space. However, the majority of small business owners and private individuals do not require such an expansive area for storing their goods. These facilities are also expensive. Mini warehouses, on the other hand offer smaller units and are therefore perfect for those with limited needs.

The materials stored in the warehouse will be accessible to both the manager of the facility and employees. Mini self-storage units, on the other hand, are secured and the keys are yours.

One last thing is different between them. The rent for a large warehouse includes insurance costs. Mini warehouses are not covered by insurance. Of course, you can always purchase your own separate insurance.

There are now small facilities in the US and Canada where you can store your materials

Estimates suggest that by 2008 there will be 51 250 self-storage units in the US. These facilities are operated and owned by over 30,235 different companies. More than 2,35 billion square feet of space is available across the nation, which is three times as much land in Manhattan. Not only in the US but also in Canada and other parts of the world.

People are now aware of the advantages to storing their valuables at a secure facility. It is no surprise that demand has grown. There is a fierce rivalry among providers, and there are many new ones. There is a good chance that you will find a similar facility near your home.