Couples Counselling: What You Should Know

As partners, two individuals will have different experiences, mindsets and personalities. At some point in time there is bound to be differences. There are some people who believe that there is something missing in a healthy relationship.

A couples counseling can give you all of the strategies for improving or keeping your relationship. But it’s up to YOU to listen and change their mindset. Each person has a tendency towards defending himself or herself, believing that he/she is in the right when things go wrong. The best way to settle conflicts during a therapy session is to pay attention to the counsellor and your partner. It is easier to resolve issues if you keep quiet and listen carefully. If you listen first and then react based on how you feel, it will be easier to understand what the problem is.

Couples counseling is a way for both partners to improve their relationship. If you and your partner tend to feel emotions quickly without giving it any thought, then learning to control them is a must. Uncontrolled feelings can actually make situations worse.

Do not be aggressive when expressing your opinions. Both parties have an opinion to take into account in any disagreement. A good communication policy is essential. It is the role of the counselor to settle conflicts in sessions. Problems can be settled if both sides are willing listeners. It is not necessary to remain silent or to accept all that has been said. Instead, both partners should openly communicate their emotions. In the majority of relationships, couples don’t communicate effectively. Therapists find that many couples are not communicating properly.

In couples counselling, instead of complaining to the couple counselors take a breather and try looking at your relationship from their perspective. It is important to question your personality and determine if it makes you a nice person. The key is to understand your flaws, and be open to changing them to improve the relationship. It is important to remember that both parties must be benefiting from therapy.