What does it mean to be ‘antiligature’?

This term is used for any object intended to block the attachment of a string to it https://www.agmaillogin.org/socbookmarking/bookmarks/the-rise-of-eco-friendly-floor-cleaners/.

By reducing the likelihood of self-harming or suicide through the use of ligatures, an anti-ligature system can protect those in vulnerable situations.

Collaboration has helped to improve the quality of design in mental facilities. In this, the design of anti-ligature facilities has been key.

What’s a ligature?

As a “ligature”, any object can be used in order to tie, bind, or secure something. For example, a clothing item, cords, ropes, and even bedding or clothes. The potential for such items to be misused in suicide attempts or mental health environments poses a serious risk. A ligature point is an object, furniture, architecture or another physical object, where the ligature could be affixed.

These ligature points are reduced by anti-ligature designs, which is essential to reducing self-injury risks.

What options are there for anti-ligature?

Kingsway’s extensive selection of anti ligature inner door sets can help reduce ligature hazards in any space of a mental healthcare facility.

In order to protect service users from self-harm and suicide in difficult environments, we have designed our complete anti-ligature door systems with the help of healthcare professionals. By leveraging our knowledge gained from delivering antiligature solutions in over 2,300 UK Projects, we make sure the right materials are used to provide robustness and reliability for mental healthcare environments.

Our products provide an aesthetic solution without compromising safety and security. In challenging environments, they improve staff and patient safety while creating de-institutionalized, therapeutic spaces. We are your partners in patient security, and all of our Complete Door Systems include a 5-year free guarantee.

Other anti-ligature systems that we provide include shatter-resistant mirrors (for washrooms), coat & towel racks, handrails, and other solutions.

What are “ligature monitors?”

A ligature watch is a device capable of detecting ligature efforts and alerting staff in order to enable rapid clinical interventions. Staff can be more responsive to incidents that could have a life-threatening outcome when they are used. We have designed our SENTRY Complete Door System with anti ligature features and also ligature tracking technology. It covers all the exposed edges. The monitors are designed to alert the staff in case a service user attempts anchoring or wedgeing a piece of ligature.

NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement Pre-tendered Doors with Anti-Ligature

Kingsway Group were selected after a stringent tender process to be a pre-approved Provider of Anti-Ligature Specialist and Bespoke Doors for the NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement. Kingsway Group has been thoroughly scrutinised in every way, starting with our manufacturing process and product to our commitment to net zero.

Inclusion on the Framework Agreement ensures our products have received independent pre-approval for quality. All NHS Organisations as well as public sector bodies can now access pretendered solutions.