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WIPO Standards – Latest developments in WIPO Standards, including updates from the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS).

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Part 1 of the Handbook on Intellectual Property Information and Documentation

The WIPO Handbook on Intellectual Property Information and Documentation is the authoritative source of WIPO Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines, which have been developed with the help of groups of experts from many countries and are the result of international cooperation in the field of intellectual property information and documentation. The contribution of these experts is gratefully acknowledged.

The WIPO Standards consist of revised or new Standards that have been adopted by the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS) since 2010 and, previously, by its predecessor WIPO bodies, namely: Standards and Documentation Working Group (SDWG) of the Standing Committee on Information Technologies (SCIT) (1998-2010), Permanent Committee on Industrial Property Information (PCIPI) (1987-1998) and Permanent Committee on Patent Information (PCPI) (1978-1987); as well as the Committee for International Cooperation in Information Retrieval Among Examining Patent Offices (ICIREPAT), which was a forum on patent information for almost 20 years until 1979, when its functions were transferred to the WIPO PCPI.

The WIPO Handbook also contains other reference information on various matters concerning patent, trademark and industrial design documentation. It provides examples and surveys on intellectual property offices’ practices. The WIPO Handbook comprises eight parts and an archive, which contains documents, examples and surveys that have become outdated.