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WIPO Standards – Latest developments in WIPO Standards, including updates from the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS).

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consult communications from WIPO

Keep up with the latest news concerning WIPO Standards by reading the news feed on our homepage. Official circulars issued under the umbrella of the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS) are also available online for your reference.

implement WIPO Standards

Before setting up or modernizing information and publication systems, it can be useful to consult WIPO Standards, which reflect best practices and facilitate the exchange and dissemination of intellectual property information. The following WIPO Standards may be of particular use:

For further assistance, IP offices may contact us.

participate in developing WIPO Standards

Taking part in sessions of the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS) and specific CWS Task Forces is the best way to stay informed about new trends in IP information standardization. In addition, doing so allows you to influence the development of future recommendations.

check practices of other IP offices

Nobody likes making a big effort to do something complex, only to find out later that there's a better way to do it. To avoid wasting time and money, consult and learn from best practices in other IP offices. Seeing how others have solved certain problems can help you solve your own in a much more efficient way.

Part 7 of the WIPO Handbook contains detailed information on best practices related to various aspects of IP information, including: