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WIPO Standards – Latest developments in WIPO Standards, including updates from the Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS).

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WIPO Standards provide a framework for working with information in intellectual property documents.

Using WIPO Standards helps intellectual property offices around the globe work in a more efficient, harmonious, and timely fashion.

WIPO Standards also greatly simplify both international cooperation among offices and use by the public of intellectual property information.

See the List of WIPO Standards.

WIPO Standards Brochure

The common framework for intellectual property information and documentation.

WIPO Handbook

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The WIPO Handbook provides authoritative documentation of intellectual property information from around the world, including WIPO Standards, Recommendations, and Guidelines.

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Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS)

The CWS is the collaborative international forum for discussing and developing WIPO Standards, as well as other matters relating to intellectual property information and documentation.