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This section contains outdated documents, examples and surveys previously published in the Handbook on Intellectual Property Information and Documentation.

Standards that existed at one time and which no longer exist

Standard ST.4

  • Standard use of two-letter country code on the first page of patent documents. ST.4 was wholly incorporated in Standard ST.10/C (Presentation of bibliographic data components)

Standard ST.5

  • Standard abbreviation for "International Patent Classification". ST.5 wholly incorporated in Standard ST.10/C (Presentation of bibliographic data components)

Standards ST.7 to ST.7/F

  • Standard ST.7: Microforms (May 1998)
  • Standard ST.7/A: 8-up aperture card microform (May 1998)
  • Standard ST.7/B: 16 mm Roll Microfilm (December 1990)
  • Standard ST.7/C: 35 mm Roll Microfilm in 8-up configuration (December 1990)
  • Standard ST.7/D: Method of identifying Roll Microfilm files (December 1990)
  • Standard ST.7/E: Photo-optically generated microfiches (December 1990)
  • Standard ST.7/F: Computer Output Microfiches (COM) (December 1990)

Standard ST.9 - Appendix 3

  • Terms of protection on date from which industrial property rights may have effect (February 1996)

Standard ST.19 - Appendix

  • Patent gazette indexes in paper format (December 1990)

Standard ST.21 - Appendix 3

  • Interchange of priority documents on paper or microform - Table of offices able to produce or to receive priority documents according to either the “paper” or the “microfiche” solution (April 1994)

Standard ST.25

Standard ST.30

  • Standard for the magnetic tape format for the exchange of data and documents (December 1991)

Part 7 - Examples and Intellectual Property Offices Practices

  • 7.2.1 Presentation of application numbers (December 2005)
  • 7.4.1 Examples concerning corrections, alterations and supplements relating to patent information (November 1998)
  • 7.4.2 Survey concerning correction procedures in patent offices (August 2006)
  • 7.5 Physical characteristics of patent documents - Compilation of data on physical characteristics of patent documents (December 1990)
  • 7.8 Survey of filing procedures and filing requirements, as well as of examination methods and publication procedures, relating to industrial designs (May 1995)
  • 7.9 Survey concerning Citation Practices in Patent Offices (May 2008)

Part 8 before 2008 - Changeover to Electronic Data Carriers

  • 8.4.1 Statement of principles concerning the changeover to electronic data carriers for the exchange of patent documents (February 1996)
  • 8.4.2 Appendix: Technical Guidelines - Optical Disc (April 2000)