Case Studies on Intellectual Property (IP Advantage)

The case studies in the IP Advantage database offer insights into how IP works in the real world, and how its successful exploitation can contribute to development.


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Fast Retailing

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.: One of the World’s Largest Apparel Retailers

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. understands the importance of a strong brand identity coupled with the protection provided by an effective intellectual property (IP) system.

Woman sitting beside buckets full of Madd de Casamance fruits
(Photo: ©  ETDS)

Supporting Environmental Sustainability with GIs: The Case of Madd de Casamance

Madd de Casamance is an interesting example of how geographical indications (GI) can support the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability and the transition to a green future.

Panasonic hundredth anniversary banner

Panasonic: Branding for further growth and greater value

Since its foundation, Panasonic has been thoroughly committed to creating a better life for its consumers through its businesses and proactively using the Madrid System helps them with their commitment.

Baby goat and child holding milk bottle

Ausnutria: Milk Powder from the World “Golden Milk Source Belt”

By adopting a multi-brand strategy, Ausnutria has now become a global dairy company with a complete industrial chain from milk collection and production to market sales.

Water-soluble insect protein extract
(Image: © Sibö B.V.)

Sibö Unlocks the Potential of Insect-Based Food with Entowise

Sibö B.V. produces the first water-soluble insect-based protein Entowise, a sustainable food option. Discover the story behind the patented invention.

ABS Recycling municipal waste collection truck
(Photo: © Irina Balica)

ABS Recycling, the pioneer of waste management in Moldova

ABS Recycling opened the first recycling centre in Moldova. Read our case study to discover their state-of-the-art waste management software.

Smart irrigation of an almond farm in Armenia with the Revalcon smart watering system
(Photo: © Revalcon)

Revalcon Smart Irrigation System

Revalcon Smart Irrigation System is a green technology for agriculture that prevents over-irrigation. Discover how Revalcon protected its smart farming system.

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